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Mon, Apr. 13th, 2009, 10:47 pm
Happy Easter—have some »art«

An anthropomorphic Hare holds ab egg before him, with an irritated look on his face
So... I'm supposed to... shit coloured eggs all around? What's wrong with you humans?!?

I hope you all had some nice days (celebrating, relaxing or whatever else). The drawing is the result of watching akeyla's videocast of painting »Crying Sun« (link may follow when she releases it to the public). I think I need such motivation-igniters more often... :)

Take care,

Sat, Mar. 7th, 2009, 12:51 am

Copied from khaosdog's journal:

The Snow Leopard Trust (www.snowleopard.org) needs your help!

They would like to you to sign up for their eNews and have others sign up as well. For every new subscriber, the Kearsley Fund will donate $2 to the Snow Leopard Trust. Their goal is 3000, but they are NOWHERE CLOSE! However, if we all sign up and post this in our journals, we can help donate up to $6000 for snow leopard conservation!

Visit here for more info!

Please, sign up today and copy this into your journal to spread the word! With just a little bit of effort, we can make a big difference!

The counter on that page is just a graphic by the way and has to be updated manually, so it might take a while until it changes.
I doubt that many are reading my journal (other than these who subscribed already or are about to, anyway), but you never know :)

Take care,

Mon, Oct. 13th, 2008, 11:02 pm
Chaotic Update + Art (sort of)

After a long time of silence, I post again...

The weekend two weeks ago was filled with fun, freedom and lots to eat: H-Con 4. A small furry convention in the depths of Odin's Forest (usually known as Odenwald – but that's not as mystic, eh?). I even got to draw something again! – Not that my »art« evolved any way within the passed year since the last one, but hey, at least something, So shield your eyes, as I will clutter your friends page with something... well, something-not-like-I-wanted-it-to-be: *fg*

(click for larger size and some descriptions)

In other news, I'm still somehow almost finished with my Master studies, short to be a »Master of science in computer science«. But already hard working at some company seemingly no-one knows... but innovative and fun to work at  :)   We produce security holograms for proving a product is really genuine – just not like the common Bragg-holograms you see everywhere (and can buy fake ones in A+ quality directly from the likeable forgery company of your choice). Unlike the non-3D, unique (to each sticker) characters and logos visible to the naked eye, the actual holograms can only be read with a laser. These provide – again – an individual serial number or even a digital, cryptographic information block with each sticker. Fake that! ;)

Take care,

Mon, Nov. 26th, 2007, 07:51 pm
That's why I stopped drawing...

That's quite what my art teacher said to me quite to often (be it verbal or by grade):


No wonder I stopped to like painting, drawing and sculpting... whatever :( It just took all the fun. And now I struggle to get myself back to do it. Now, where I don't have that much time and no real motivation >.<

Take care,

Mon, Nov. 12th, 2007, 07:55 am
Software release: WriteWatch

I finally, actually publish a software project of mine, even as open source (GPL)!

It's a small tool designed for some forgetful or easily distracted writers (like me :P ). It's especially designed for NaNoWriMo participants. It "reminds" you in (radomizable)  periods  to write using a smooth chime sound and a yellow "post-it"-note like window on the upper left:

It additionally displays both how much you have done and how much is left to write for today depending on the fraction words per day calculated from the given time period. You have to use a plain text file (those .txt i.e. Notepad/MS Edit produce, not MS Word, OpenOffice or alike) as reference/watched file.

...and more...Collapse )

You can download it here:
The Windows-Installer provides a complete ready-to-run program. To use the script on non-Windows platforms, you must download the .tar.gz. You'll need to have both Python (2.4 and up) and wxPython (2.6 and up) installed. Of course it would also work on Windows, if you've installed Python & wxPython for Windows :P

Have fun!

Mon, Sep. 10th, 2007, 03:23 pm
EF13 is over...

...and I'm almost broke :P But it was fun anyway and definitely worth it! As it counts, together with the MMC and H-Con, as my annual leave, it better should be :P

The playing cards deck sold quite good (but, of course, not as good as we'd have liked it). Let's see how it goes with Furbid & Co. Hopefully it reaches the 266-sold-break-even point soon, as everything sold then goes straight to the charity 'target' of EF13: the "Offenbacher Waldzoo" (Forest Zoo, Offenbach).

In other news:

NerdTests.com says I&apos;m a Cool High Nerd.  What are you?  Click here!

This may explain why I was so good at playing a "Cool High Elf" in my old RPG group ^.^

Mon, May. 7th, 2007, 11:16 pm
MMC 10 Update

Got mail - I'll be there! ^.^

Sat, May. 5th, 2007, 05:54 pm

I'm officially stressed right now... who said, having birthday is cheerful and/or a party? It's mainly work. At least for some stupid-head  who convinced himself to do all the cooking and organizing alone :P

Whatever. Let's see if I survive this night - friends already announced to bring along a drinking-game (beware: that's most likely an euphemism...)... Hopefully I'll be able to drive on Monday, or at least notice the reality around me again... :D

Take care,

Sat, Feb. 17th, 2007, 12:04 am
Sushi: second try

I couldn't help it... new things actually can catch me for a while. So the next try. Now with some scavenged recipes from the internet ^.^

Lookit!Collapse )

Now coming with:
  • un-watered seaweed (you actually must not dampen these sheets, although they may seem to break, not bend. They do bent. Really :P )
  • better rice (not as much water, still not rinsed before, more vinegar added after cooking, but still missing a touch of sugar, as recipes suggest)
  • more sticky Wasabi (just-add-(more)-water)
  • tastier Nordsee™ soy sauce (tough still not perfect)
  • cleaner cuts (due to both un-watered Nori and dampened knife)
  • a Wasabi strain along the inner side of the rice
  • looks more alike real Sushi
  • rice has more flavour
  • not as wobbly like the first try
  • a little bit too large for my taste - should return to the smaller ones
  • more compact
  • quite delicious, but still needs more fine-tuning ^.^
  • need other fillings. Shrimps get boring.
Oh, and if I don't watch it, I won't dare any sushi any more for a couple of months *burb* ^.^ I definitely need more victims...  err, testers :)

- Brôgon

Fri, Feb. 16th, 2007, 10:35 pm
Home-made Sushi

No post for sooo long... the next round of exams are over (well, at least for me :P ). So I started experimenting again - now in the art of fine, alien cuisine. Uhm, maybe you should scratch that 'fine', at least for me...

Anyhow. I challenged myself to create something that resembles the famous japanese "Sushi". To be specific, so called "Maki", rice rolls with something fishy in it, hold together by a thin layer of processed, roasted seaweed. I tried it with the least knowledge at all, just what I remembered from a recipe I once saw (primarily that I need rice, which I have to sour with rice vinegar, something to put in the mid and watered seaweed sheets).

The result was, well, something that has distinct similiarity to Maki. They even taste slightly like it: ^.^ Look for youselfCollapse )

What I already learned:
  • Try it more often
  • Don't sniff at the Wasabi if you're mixing it from dry powder and water (unless you really need a free nose,,,)
  • the need of a really sharp knife. I mean, really sharp - let-fall-a-hair-on-it-which-gets-cut-sharp. Ideally a japanese, many-times-folded, forged knife... *sigh* *dream*
  • try another, asian soy sauce - not the one from your nearby superstore *ewww*
  • learn to cook rice correctly, not slimey. And more spicey (maybe needs more of that shushi-rice-vinegar)
  • use Wasabi paste the next time - or get the powder-water mix right (it was too hard)
It was fun, anyway. And I realized I have plenty resources for many, many other tries... :P At least of rice, vinegar and seaweed - the other indrigends I should eat shortly ^.^

Stay tuned for our next installment of a post to this blog - fall this year. Uhm, maybe next... X.X ;)

Take care,

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